I’ve started so many blog posts in the past several months. But it’s mostly old news now, so there’s not much point in finishing them.

On the other hand, they would catch you up on what’s been going on in my life in the months since my last post.

So here’s a compromise: a bullet-point list by topic.

  • Drivers: Why are they so bad these days?
  • Good movies:
    • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
    • Ford v Ferrari (You don’t have to be into racing to enjoy this one!)
    • The Good Liar
    • Harriet
    • Knives Out
    • Little Women
    • Richard Jewell

Well, you can see I go for character-driven stories.

  • I read some good books, too, but hope to post reviews, so won’t list those now.
  • Several medical issues.
    • The big one: Cancer. Hubby got it.
      • Also updates: Surgery, times two
      • Treatment: It’s TB. Really. Tuberculosis.
      • Waiting Is Hard (aka, Is It Gone?)
    • In other medical news
      • I broke my foot. First broken bone in my life.
      • Had surgery on a finger. The second one to remove a sometimes-painful growth on this joint, and it’s returning again.
      • Good news: found a medication that helped cluster headaches and both head and abdominal migraines. Bad news: it turns me into a total zombie, so I can’t take it.
      • Good news: Aimovig has tremendously helped the cluster headaches and head migraines. Bad news: it does nothing for abdominal migraines.
  • Writing & Publishing:
    • Got to attend 3 weekend writing retreats
      • And looking forward to an ACFW spring retreat and the SCN LifeLines workshop (in Denver!)
    • Working furiously to finish my novel this year. I’ve been working on it for 4 years, but mostly only a couple hours a month during those years. It’s getting close enough now that I see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is motivating!
      • Genre: Upmarket (i.e., character-driven [of course!], book-club appropriate. Think Jodi Picoult or Jojo Moyes.)
      • Working Title: The Jew’s Ornament
      • Setting: Alternates between present day Kansas & NY and 1930s-40s Germany & Poland (sounds complicated, but it’s not).
      • Possible tag: The secret behind a family heirloom could save them—or destroy them. Would that intrigue you enough to flip the book over and read the back cover?
  • Family:
    • My favorite cousin, whom I hadn’t seen in 13 years, came for a week-long visit with her 3 children! It was so good to catch up. They wanted to do “Texas things,” so among other things we
      • Went to a shooting range
      • Rode horses
      • Ate lots of BBQ
      • The high schooler did a tour of UT
      • Had a mini family reunion
    • Grandson graduated from high school. Proud of this kid young man!
    • Caught up with my favorite uncle and cousin on the other side of the family at a “real” family reunion.
  • Weather: It’s crazy!

I don’t know what was happening when I started a post about this, but nothing’s changed. Three days ago, on Tuesday afternoon, it was in the low 80s. Wednesday evening it snowed. Thursday (yesterday) morning it was in the 20s, and in the afternoon we were wearing t-shirts (mid-60s? Never looked.).

  • Politics: Not going there now.

Okay, that’s about it. Hoping—yet again—to get back on track with posting.

What’s up with YOU?

5 responses to this post.

  1. I love the bulleted list! Congratulations on your publications, and I will be praying for you and hubby. As for me? Learning to rest. Going from 60 hour work weeks to 20 hour work weeks has been … well, awesome.


  2. A very effective way to communicate a lot of information in a small space! I loved this approach, which gets us up-to-date quite succinctly. My best to you, my dear.


  3. Loved this format. Prayers for you and hubby. Great you got to see a long-time gone relative. I found a 3rd cousin on 23&Me, who lives in my town. We’ve met, had lunch 3 times and FB together, such fun. Congrats on your books. Nursing hubby after a total knee replacement…. being Nancy Nurse is harder than it sounds. My hat is off to ALL Nurses and PA’s. They are AWESOME people. Keep writing, as your posts remind me of DeSmet, my relatives who lived there, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and our connection through your “Little Lodges On The Prairie” book! Take Care………..


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