The Past 5 Months

Whew! In the past 5 months, I’ve worked on several projects, a couple of which were big, long-term deals. But I’ve completed them! You can see one project, a book I edited and formatted, here.

There are more projects in front of me, of course, but I love the feeling of completing something and moving on to a new venture. A couple of writing projects of my own need my attention, also.

But it hasn’t been all work and no play. Another LauraPalooza has come and gone. Here are some highlights.

Before the conference, the Barnes & Noble of Springfield MO hosted a multi-author signing event.



Photo by Sandra Hume


There were many interesting presentations. One was a panel led by Bill Anderson of people who knew the Wilders, sharing memories.



Photo by Lauri Goforth


In another, Laura Keyes demonstrated how many steps a woman had to go through to get dressed.



Photo by Lauri Goforth


My friend Marie and I shared a table at the author’s reception. There were quite a few new books relating to LIW released over the past year. The ones I got at the conference were Mary Ingalls: The College Years; Little: Novels; Nonfiction, Memoir, or Fiction? Dissecting the Works of Laura Ingalls Wilder; and a door-prize ARC of Caroline: Little House Revisited. (No review of that one yet, as it has to be published before reviews can be posted. I’m also working on reviews for other books I’ve read in the past year. If you want to make an author happy, review her/his books. I can’t tell you how much difference that makes. Like votes, every single one counts.)

One evening my tribe had a birthday dinner



Photo by our waiter, shared by Sheri Dieter


then got famous donuts for dessert.



Photo by Lauri Goforth


No one got a tattoo, but we had to check out the former bookstore that had hosted LIW.



Photo by Laura Whitaker


The conference ended with a field trip to Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Farm



Photo by Lauri Goforth


and LIW’s home in Mansfield.



Photo by a friendly fellow conference attendee, shared by Sherry Dieter


Julie got to play the organ, but no photos are allowed inside so we couldn’t preserve the moment, unfortunately. Other music was provided on Pa’s fiddle – yes, the very one.



Photo by Lauri Goforth


The LIWH&M is trying to return Rocky Ridge to as close to the Wilder’s time as possible. They have apple trees and chickens, and brought in a couple of Morgan horses for the day.



Photo by Sherry Dieter


As the perfect ending to a perfect day, Patty left flowers at Laura & Almanzo’s gravesite.



Photo by Lauri Goforth


When I got home, a Frustrating Thing happened. I was transferring my photos from my phone to my computer, and something happened in the middle. It all of a sudden said “not responding” and erased all my photos. So all the pictures and the video on this page were generously shared by my friends. Thanks, y’all – you’re the best!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Teresa. Your old friend from Utah, now in Arizona. I’m the one who’s Father and family lived in DeSmet, and I had sent you some pictures of the Lodge in Keystone where a plaque with Carrie’s name was located. I was wondering where that donut shop you are standing by was located. My maiden name is “HURT”. When I saw the sign, it sent chills up my spine.


    • Hi! Laurapalooza was in Springfield Missouri. A friend of mine who is going to college in Springfield tipped me off to the 24 hour donut shop.
      Teresa, great recap. The week was sooooo great.


  2. Thanks for answering, Lauri. And glad your friend told you about the donut place, and you told us all. It was yummy. 🙂 And yes, a GREAT time.


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