Welcome to 2017!

Hope you were able to welcome in the new year in the way you wanted.

We had a nice walk just before midnight on the eve, and a restful day today.

 Are you a resolutions person? There was a time I did that, but not so much anymore. These days, it’s more about evaluation of the past year and using that to set goals for the new one. I have quite a bit on my plate this year, so in an attempt to be more organized I created a planner. Hopefully it will keep me on track.

Untitled- 4.jpg

I made one for each of the girls, too,


and even put one (more generic – room for folks to put their own goals, schedules, etc. instead of mine) on Amazon, just in case anyone else needs a good planner for 2017.


 Among my goals this year is one to be more regular posting on this blog. You’ve heard that before, and it’s possible that this year will be no better. But I put it in my planner, so maybe there’s hope. I’ve even listed a topic for each week this month. Now if only all the other things don’t take more time than I’ve alotted…

 Each month has specific things to focus on. For January: prepare and deliver a presentation I was invited to do for the National Sojourners, a couple of editing jobs, and get the tax package ready for the CPA – plus a couple of personal items.

 May your new year be full of goals reached and dreams fulfilled.


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