A Spidery Anecdote

Whew! I finally made it back!

I haven’t been anywhere; I mean back to this blog. A new computer had me locked out of WordPress for a while. First, WP wouldn’t recognize my account; it kept saying that account didn’t exist. When I decided to try to re-create the account, it said I couldn’t do that as this account was already in use. It was a mad circle, but it’s FINALLY come to an end, and posting should resume with some degree of regularity.

Since I’m short on time (as usual) right now, I’ll just relay this little anecdote before I get back to work.

We live near a river, and there are lots of bugs. That means lots of things that eat bugs, like lizards, bats, and spiders. I don’t mind those things – actually like them, because of the whole eating-bugs thing. So we don’t kill them unless really necessary. Still, when a spider spins a web in an inconvenient (to us humans) place, we do knock it down. It’s usually back up the next day.

One spider unwisely chose to do its weaving between two posts of our patio cover, right where we have to walk going down the steps. For nearly a week, every day I’d tear through the web on my way out. Each time, the spider would scurry to the edge of the web connected to the post and begin spinning again. Until the last time. The last time, the spider ran to the edge, turned around facing where the web had been, and crumpled up dead. Coincidence? Or did it die of despair and hopelessness after losing its home every single day for a week?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lauri5567 on September 12, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    See she wouldn’t have lived to spin the web a second time if she tried it around me. 🙂
    Glad to have you back!


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