Wilder Wednesday – Say What? Prairie Sayings

With shaking fingers Laura tore the envelope and took out a teacher’s certificate. It was a second-grade one.
“It’s better than I expected,” she told Ma. “The most I hoped for was third grade. Now if I can only have the good luck to get the right school!”
“A body makes his own luck, be it good or bad,” Ma placidly said. “I have no doubt you will get as good as you deserve.”
Laura…thought about little else that night, and she was still thinking about it next morning when Florence came into the schoolroom and came directly to her…
“Well, you have always been so nice to me, I am glad of a chance to pay some of it back,” Florence told her.
Laura remembered what Ma had said about luck, and she thought to herself: “I believe we make most of our luck without intending to.”   ~ These Happy Golden Years, Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Little House books are full of adages. No matter the occasion, someone had an appropriate saying on their lips. Readers of the books often have a favorite, one that they find often coming to mind.

One of my personal favorites is Ma’s quote above: “A body makes his own luck, be it good or bad,” along with Laura’s thought that we mostly do so unintentionally. My husband likes “It’ll never be noticed on a trotting horse,” as that’s an expression the older folks in his family used when he was growing up.

Most of us remember older family members having pithy sayings like this. Laura had those same memories, and recorded many of the wise expressions in her books. Since they are so enjoyed by readers, I’ve gathered many of the most popular sayings into “Prairie Sayings” posters (each one is 11″ x 17″). Order at www.Henscratches.com.

Prairie Sayings

Prairie Sayings


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