Welcome to HenScratches on WordPress

My first post on WordPress. It’s copied from my old Blogger site, as I learn how to use this new platform.

There have some hindrances lately to my blog posting. First there were the terrible viruses. Both kinds: the kind that infected me, and then the kind that infected my computer. I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’d never had a computer virus before, but a few weeks ago I got a doozey. After much frustration, I was finally able to get rid of it. And save my data. I’m very relieved, and, I admit, kind of proud of myself.

Then, I had a surgery on my hand, which hampered my writing for a bit. It’s well on the road to being mended now, although I still wince when I move my fingers too quickly or a certain way. I just try to not move them that way, except as therapy. Luckily, typing is possible again, as long as I have frequent breaks to stretch my hand properly, so my work-in-progress is finally coming along.

Speaking of work in progress, this book is fiction, and it’s a whole ’nother creature. With Little Lodges, there was so much research, but the writing was easy: I just had to relate the facts. Now, there’s not any fieldwork (darn! I loved those research trips!), but I have to imagine the entire thing out myself. And while I can write my main scenes with relatively little trouble, other aspects are trickier. Like transitions, and giving enough, but not too much, detail, and making sure the scenes all follow one another cohesively—especially since it’s a double-protagonist story. I’m also experimenting with different ways of working with various POVs to see what works best for this particular story. So, it’s coming along, but not as quickly as I’d like. Then again, does anything ever? Anyway, I’ll share more about this story soon—barring any further impediments.

For now, I need to go take care of hubby. It’s his turn with the virus.


6 responses to this post.

  1. You’re site is gorgeous–It fits you! Good luck with it. Tell your man of the place that I hope he feels better.


  2. Looks good! Hope everything is going better for you now. Looking forward to hearing about you new work in progress!


  3. Thanks, Laura. You, too, if you decide you “should.”


  4. Hello, I am the Master of King Solomon Lodge 5 in Tombstone, AZ and a Past Patron of Electa Chapter 51, OES. Is there a method I can contact you regarding use of your material for my Lodge newsletter? I am very careful concerning even the possibility of copyright violations and would like to receive written authorization if you would allow use of your material. Thank you!


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